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Camas is a city located in Clark County. It has a population of approximately 19,355. It became officially incorporated in 1906 and was named after the camas lily which is a plant prized by Native Americans.

Camas houses a paper-mill which is where the city’s high school teams get their name of “the Papermakers.” Although the city’s industry was once based on paper mills, it has become more diverse. As such, companies such as Sharp Microelectronics, Hewlett-Packard, and Linear Technology have made their home in Camas.

The city has many events in the summer, such as festivals and celebrations. It even has its own festival called “Camas Days.”

Camas borders the Washington side of the Columbia River which is across from Troutdale, Oregon. In order to travel across the river, motor vehicles use the I-5 interstate bridge and the I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge. There is also one main road that travels through the town, the SR 14 expressway.

Camas is home to Prune Hill, which is an extinct volcanic vent and part of the Boring Lava Field of Oregon and Washington. Now Prune Hill is home to much of the residential areas of the city.

Bankruptcy in Camas

Camas is ranked 59th out of 522 areas in Washington based on per capital income. While it is considered wealthier than the average city in Washington, it is also not the most affluent.

Families and individuals do experience hard financial times, especially during this tough economy. As a result, it may become necessary for an individual or family to file for bankruptcy. This can be a scary time for all involved, but it is important to remember that filing for bankruptcy does not mean you will never regain your financial independence and freedom.

There are two different types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 that may be beneficial to an individual filing for bankruptcy. The two types depend on the individual’s circumstances and what he or she is hoping to regain from the bankruptcy.

For example, in a Chapter 7, the individual will have most of his or her debts forgiven but may have to sell some property. In a Chapter 13, the individual is required to pay off most of, if not all, the debts had over time using a repayment plan.

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