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Kelso, Washington, was named after founder Peter W. Crawford’s Scottish hometown of the same namesake in 1884, though was first discovered by European explorers in 1855. At the time, over 6000 people of the Cowlitz Tribe occupied Kelso and neighboring Longview, though after incorporated in 1889, the town quickly grew and became nicknamed “Little Chicago” thanks to the numerous taverns and brothels that served local loggers.

Though the brothels and taverns were officially closed and boarded up in the 1960s, Kelso still predominantly remains a logging town. Other industries have come to the area, however, such as smelt fishing as the Cowlitz River has historically been teeming with this fish. The economy continues to rapidly change and diversify due to the community’s close proximity to Interstate 5 (which runs from the Mexican border up to British Columbia, Canada) and its location on the Columbia River.

Serving the Financial Future of Kelso Residents

Nearly 12,000 individuals live within the young community of Kelso, Washington. Of these people nearly 40% are married couples living together. As the economy continues to recover form the recession from years past, many of these couples are still financially struggling to make ends meet and may be considering filing for bankruptcy.

Married Couples Filing for a Bankruptcy Petition

Married couples can save a lot of time and money by filing a single bankruptcy petition – known as a joint bankruptcy filing – with their spouse. When filing a joint bankruptcy, spouses enclose:

  • All debt (this includes joint debts and those individually owned)
  • All property owned
  • The income of both parties
  • All expenses

Why Choose a Joint-Bankruptcy Filing

There are a number of key benefits that can work for a couple if they choose to file a joint bankruptcy:

  • Eliminate All Dischargeable Debts: Should only one spouse file for bankruptcy, then the spouse that doesn’t file will still be liable for his or her owned debts and his or her share of any joint debts. Joint bankruptcy can wipe out these debts for both parties
  • Lower Costs: By filing only one bankruptcy, you save yourself the expenses of filing two
  • Efficient: The process moves more quickly and smoothly as only one hearing will be necessary for both parties

Finding the best financial option for you and your family isn’t’ an easy decision to make, but the experienced bankruptcy lawyers at the law office of Erin Bradley McAleer are here to help. Please give us a call today at (360) 334-6277 to arrange for your own personalized consultation.

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