Battle Ground

Battle Ground is located in Clark County and has a population of 17,571. The city first became a settlement in 1886, and it was officially incorporated in June 1951. There are about 5,652 households in the city and 4.365 families.

The demographic makeup of Battle Ground is:

  • 90.5 percent white
  • 1.9 percent Asian
  • 2.1 percent from other races
  • 6.5 percent Hispanics or Latinos
  • 0.8 percent African American
  • 0.8 percent Native American
  • 0.3 percent Pacific Islander

In terms of ethnic break-up, 15 percent of people are German; 10.7 percent are Irish; 9.9 percent are English; and 6.4 percent are Ukrainian.

Of the 5,652 households, 50 percent have children under the age of 18 and 59 percent are married couples living together. Twenty-two percent are considered non-families.

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